Coronavirus: Sampling and Vaccinations in Kerava

This notification provides instructions on how to make an appointment for coronavirus sampling and vaccination in Kerava.


Sampling:  Metsolantie 9, 04200 Kerava (Mon – Fri 8 am – 8 pm and Sat – Sun 10 am – 6 pm).

Sampling is to be booked in advance. Bring an identity card (passport, ID card, kela card, or driver's license). Children to be tested must also have an identity card with them.

Book an appointment for sampling at the address (24/7). You can also book an appointment for your child under 16 through the bot. The results are sent via SMS.

You can download a free English certificate of the negative corona test result from the service. You need a bank ID or mobile authentication to sign in.


If you are quarantined, avoid close contact with people outside your household. During quarantine, you are not allowed to go to work, school or day care, shop, pharmacy or hobbies, for example.

If a quarantined person gets symptoms, he or she should go for a coronavirus test. It is a good idea for family members to remain in voluntary quarantine until the test result is complete.

Coronavirus vaccinations

Coronavirus vaccination point: Kauppakaari 1, 04200 Kerava.

You can come to get vaccinated with or without making an appointment. Vaccinations are offered to everyone 5 years of age and older.

Only come to get vaccinated if you are healthy. Do not get vaccinated if you are ill, have been exposed to a coronavirus infection, or are in quarantine. A face mask is to be worn at the vaccination site.

If you have symptoms of a disease, cancel the vaccination appointment you have booked and make another appointment.


Vaccine appointments are currently open for everyone 5 years of age and older.

Book the appointment at the website:

  • You can choose Finnish, Swedish, or English as the language on the service.
  • To book an appointment, you need a bank ID or a mobile authentication. You can conduct business on behalf of another person if you have an official authorization to conduct business on behalf of them.

You can also book an appointment by calling:

  •  Appointment number +358 (0) 40 318 3113 (Mon-Fri 9 am-3 pm). The number only works in Finnish.
  • In the voicemail, select the group in whose vaccination shift you are making the appointment to get vaccinated.
  • A callback service is in use, your callback request will be saved in the system. We will call you back when there are free appointments.
  • The number can only be used to book appointments for vaccination. No other questions can be asked at the number.

If necessary, you can cancel your vaccination appointment:

  • through the service
  • by calling the number +358 (0)9 2949 3456 and leaving a message on the voice message. In your message say
    • your own name
    • that you are cancelling a coronavirus vaccination appointment
    • the date and time of the appointment you are cancelling.

If you have booked both vaccinations at the same time: If you cancel the first vaccination, the booster appointment will also be canceled. Both appointments must be booked again.

Order of vaccinations

Kerava follows the national vaccination schedule. The order of coronavirus vaccinations is decided on the basis of a medical risk assessment.

1. Healthcare personnel caring for coronavirus patients and 24-hour care staff and residents

2. The elderly and people with underlying conditions predisposing to serious coronavirus disease, as well as social services and health care staff

3. Other population

Wear a mask and ensure good hand and cough hygiene

The coronavirus is transmitted primarily as a droplet infection when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, or sings. Using a face mask can reduce infections because droplets do not spread to the environment when the mask is used properly.

After vaccination, it is still important to keep a safety distance, take care of hand and cough hygiene and wear a mask.

Use a mask

  • when you go for a coronavirus test or vaccination
  • in public transport and other public transport (for example by train, bus or taxi)
  • in public indoor spaces and at public events (for example, schools from sixth grade onwards, shops, libraries, sports facilities, and churches)
  • In indoor work communities, if several people work or stay in the same space

Protect yourself and your loved ones from coronavirus infection

  • Minimize contacts and remember to maintain a social distance
  • Wash your hands and cough on your sleeve.
  • Use a face mask when moving about in places with other people.
  • Keep the Koronavilkku application on and follow its instructions (for more information see; the application languages are Finnish, Swedish and English).
  • Take the vaccine when it is your turn.

Topaasi Activity Center

The Topaasi Activity Center provides guidance and counseling to immigrants from Kerava (Mon-Thurs 9–11 am and 12 am–4pm, Fri 9–11 am and 12 am–2 pm, Kauppalantalo, Aleksis Kiven tie 4). The employee can be reached on +358 (0)40 318 2399 (only in Finnish and English).

Please don't visit Topaasi if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Also note that you can´t book an appointment for coronavirus sampling or vaccination via Topaasi.

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