Kerava Circus Market: Registration for the market places has began

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​Kerava's Circus Market will be held in the center of Kerava on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 September 2021

The Circus Market consists of a traditional autumn market, great program numbers suitable for the theme both in the market area and in Aurinkomäki, as well as Tivoli Finland, which will arrive in the city for the weekend. At the heart of the market area there will be a magnificent ferris wheel, respecting tradition.

The Circus Market area is located in the center of Kerava on Kauppakaari and Paasikivenkatu.

Due to the uncertain coronavirus situation, the stand places were not sold yet in the spring and registration as a seller will take place this year according to the following schedule:

30 June 2021-26 July 2021 registering as a seller for the Circus Market using this form

Registration for Circus Market

- if stand places remain for sale after the first registration, they will still be sold after the first place allocation.

5 August 2021 Registrants will receive a notification of their stand placement by email.

- After this, registrants have 7 days to cancel their registration if they wish. If the stand place is not canceled, it will go to billing.

12 August 2021 last day to cancel the received stand place.

19 August 2021 invoicing of the stands.

Registration is binding and the stand place can no longer be canceled after billing on 19 August 2021.

Coronavirus restrictions can cause changes in event arrangements. If the event has to be canceled due to the coronavirus situation, the money will be refunded for the places that have already been invoiced.

The Circus Market is a significant part of Kerava's event history. This year, we are investing in developing the visual presentation of the market and the customer experience. The event area is being developed; the market area is still largely the same as in previous years, but some changes will also be made. The final map will be published in connection with the distribution of stand placements.

Prices, VAT 24% (VAT 0%):

2x2m 100€ (80,65€)

4x4m 150€ (120,97€)

4x8m 200€ (161,29€)

4x12m 250€ (201,61€)

For Kerava associations, the prices are -50% of the normal prices.

There are a limited number of market places. Stand places will be distributed mainly in the order of registration.

If several sellers of the same product register, the organizer will distribute the stand places in the order of registration.

We look forward to seeing the following at the Circus Market:

- Quality products made in Finland.

- Individual small-scale products made in Finland (for example, handicrafts and design).

- Products that support the theme and traditions of the event.

- In stands selling food: at least one special diet has been taken into account.

- Versatile taste experiences.

Sellers are obliged to take care of the cleaning up of their stand places at the risk of an additional invoice even when they leave. All accumulated waste must be transported to waste containers. There are both mixed waste bins and biowaste bins in the market area. Sellers must recycle the waste generated and, for example, cardboard, metal, and glass must be taken care of away from the market.

Kerava is a diverse green city. We also strive to be an ecologically responsible event organizer. This year, there is a strong call to food retailers to move to using biodegradable disposable tableware. All vendors are encouraged to use organic packaging materials. Let's make the Circus Market a more ecological and sustainable event together. Thank you in advance!

The organizer reserves the right to make any possible changes.

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