International cooperation is visible in many ways at our school

International activity is part of everyday life at Kerava Upper Secondary School. With the Erasmus+ accreditation granted by the Finnish Board of Education in 2021, European student groups as well as teachers visit our school during school year. In return, our students and teachers have the opportunity to get to know peers and colleagues in other European countries through cooperation with partner schools. Furthermore, several exchange students from European countries as well as outside Europe spend their exchange year in our school.

Erasmus+ projects: Go to the Erasmus+ projects site.

International activity, however, is not just about field trips and fun together; It also promotes international competence and involves important educational values such as tolerance and open-mindedness. Interaction with students and teachers from all over the world hones cooperation skills, global citizenship skills and encourages the use of versatile language skills.

Language learning

Language learning and language skills are an essential part of being international and getting to know the culture of the target language. A broad range of language skills is a valuable asset in the labour market and can help create opportunities outside your home country. Our school encourages the acquisition of a wide range of language skills.

According to the curriculum introduced in autumn 2021, students create a language profile for themselves which they can make use of when applying for jobs or studying abroad after upper secondary studies.

Kerava general upper secondary school is a United Nations school

Kerava Upper Secondary School is also a UN school, where UN material is used as part of the curriculum, especially in history and geography lessons. In other subjects, topics related to international themes are dealt with within the framework of the course themes, providing background and a broader perspective to the topics.

Other international cooperation

In addition to Erasmus+ projects, our school also has other international activities.

Tanzania cooperation and project

For several years now, our school has been running a project in Tanzania, which has focused on supporting the education of disadvantaged young people in the Kerava twinning community of Arumeru. The project has included a study trip to Tanzania. Each year, the Finnish National Board of Education has provided funding for the Tanzania project. The next study trip to Tanzania is being prepared for spring 2024.

The Tanzania project activists will present their project and raise funds by selling coffee, pastries and handicrafts made in Tanzania.

The Cern project in Switzerland

Kerava Upper Secondary School is taking part in a Cern project to visit the particle accelerator laboratory in Switzerland. Students and their teachers will visit the CERN particle accelerator and the environment of the science centre.

Study abroad

Several exchange students study at Kerava Upper Secondary School each year, participating in all the activities offered during the school year. Similarly, our students have gone on exchange to study abroad for a longer period of time.

Learn more about international cooperation at the Finnish site.

Tansania-projektin kouluvierailun aikana paikalliset ovat pukeutuneet värikkäisiin asuihin ja laulavat vieraille.