Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

Opening hours and prices

See opening hours and prices at the Finnish-speaking site.

Swim centre

    • In addition to the pool area, the swim centre has five gyms, six changing rooms, regular saunas and steam rooms.
    • In addition to sports facilities, the swim centre includes the conference room Volmari.
    • Women’s and men’s group changing rooms can be booked for birthday groups or special groups, for example. The changing rooms have their own saunas.
    • The wellness room of the swim centre is used for providing fitness instruction and wellness mentoring. The room includes a Tanita body composition analyser and other tools for monitoring wellbeing.
  • The swim centre has 800 m2 of water area and six pools.

    25-metre pool

    • temperature about 26–28°C
      depth two metres throughout
      six official-sized lanes

    Multipurpose pool

    • temperature about 30–32°C
    • Hydrohex virtual water workout
    • water depth can be adjusted between 1.45 and 1.85 metres
    • massage jets for the back and feet

    Massage pool

    • temperature about 30–32°C
    • pool depth 1.2 metres
    • two massage jets for the neck and shoulder area
    • five full-body massage jets

    Teaching pool

    • temperature about 30–32°C
    • pool depth 0.9 meters – well-suited for kids and beginners learning to swim
    • water slide

    Kids pool

    • temperature about 29–31°C
    • pool depth 0.3 metres
    • suitable for young children
    • small water slide

    Cold pool

    • temperature about 8–10°C
    • pool depth 1.1 metres
    • activates skin blood flow


  • There are five gyms at the swim centre. They are named after Olympic athletes from Kerava. You can book a time for the Olavi and Joona gyms in the Timmi booking calendar.

There is no winter swimming at the outdoor pool during the 2022–2023 season

In order to save electricity, the outdoor swimming pool will be closed during autumn and winter 2022–2023.

Outdoor swimming pool

    • The outdoor swimming pool has a 33-metre pool, with one shallow end for children who know how to swim.
    • There are no lanes and usually only one lane rope in use in the summer.
    • There is also a kids’ pool for children who cannot swim.
    • The diving pool is 3.60 metres deep and has diving platforms at one, three and five metres.
    • There are no lockers in the changing rooms. Valuables can be stored in separately locked cabinets outside the changing rooms.
    • The showers are outdoors and are used with a swimsuit.
    • There are no saunas at the outdoor swimming pool.
    • The water in the outdoor swimming pool is heated at around 25 –28°C.
    • The pool area has a large lawn for sunbathing as well as a beach volleyball court and café.