Kerava checkpoints encourage visits to nature and cultural sites

Get to know the nature, culture and history of Kerava on walks in the nearby forests, parks and urban areas. Plan your own route and challenge yourself with checkpoints!

Print maps for your use or search for locations in Kerava

The Kerava checkpoint map has been designed in cooperation between the City of Kerava and Keravan Urheilijat and is freely available to all Kerava residents. You can print maps from the buttons below. You can also pick up paper maps from Kerava library, Art and Museum Centre Sinkka and the café in the swim centre. In addition to the map, you can borrow a compass from the library’s sports equipment loan shop.

82 checkpoints – 11 culture checkpoints

82 fixed checkpoints have been placed around the City of Kerava. The checkpoints can be found in local forests, parks and urban areas. A few checkpoints are situated in the neighbouring Tuusula. Some of the checkpoints are accessible. There are both easy checkpoints for less experienced orienteering hobbyists and challenging locations for enthusiasts of the sport.

Of the checkpoints, 11 have been designed in cooperation between Art and Museum Centre Sinkka and the city’s culture services and are situated next to interesting cultural or natural sites in Kerava. Use your smartphone to read the QR code on the checkpoints for interesting information about your hometown.

The maps can be found on the Finnish-speaking site.

    • Kerava parsonage (checkpoint 101)
    • Koivikko ski jumping hill (checkpoint 107)
    • Kerava coat of arms (checkpoint 108)
    • Ahjo ancient burial ground (checkpoint 111)
    • Ode to water (checkpoint 201)
    • Wind squares (checkpoint 202)
    • Ali-Kerava school (checkpoint 203)
    • Ali-Kerava village blacksmith’s hut (checkpoint 204)
    • Peacemakers (checkpoint 205)
    • Mattila granary (checkpoint 206)
    • Etu-Mikkola boulder (checkpoint 207)
  • Checkpoints in the terrain and what to do at a checkpoint

    Fixed checkpoints are marked in the terrain with wooden posts that have a green-white sticker with the number of the checkpoint. Compare the number with the one on the map to make sure you are at the right checkpoint.

    There are also two QR codes on the sticker. You can use a mobile device to confirm your visit and read more information about the checkpoint.

    Learn more at the Finnish-speaking site.