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The green, safe and service-rich town of Kerava welcomes everyone! You can get to Kerava easily by train, car or bike. The Kerava-Lahti direct rail line has made our transport connections even more convenient. During the summer, you can also travel from Kerava to Porvoo using the museum train! The Lahti motorway passes by the eastern border of the town. The transverse routes head from Porvoo to St. Petersburg and from Tuusula and Nurmijärvi towards Hämeenlinna and Tampere. Our neighbours Järvenpää, Tuusula, Sipoo and Vantaa are almost within a stone's throw. Even Helsinki is only 30 kilometres away and you can get there by train in about 25 minutes.

Kerava is a safe and comfortable town, where people and the environment are looked after. You can choose to live in a cosy area with small houses or the modern centre of the town. Kerava is divided into the following areas: Alikerava, Ylikerava, Sompio, Kaleva, Lapila, Ahjo, Kannisto, Kilta, Koivikko / Sorsakorpi, Savio, Kaskela, Jokivarsi and the centre. As an inhabitant of Kerava you can enjoy a variety of sports opportunities as well as lively cultural activities.


Our award-winning pedestrian-only centre and lush parks act as venues for inhabitants.

The centre of Kerava is densely built-up and cars are prohibited from entering the pedestrian streets. The Central European style pedestrian street of Kauppakaari was created in the early 1980s. Today it is nearly one kilometre long. This vicinity is the centre of trade and business. Festivals and markets are also arranged there. The Finnish Association of Architects has awarded the pedestrian street in its entirety with the SAFA award.

The park plantations in Kerava have also amassed praise and been awarded with the national Vihervuosi award. Kerava also invests in maintaining light traffic flow. Pedestrians' and cyclists' needs are ensured by our 70 kilometre long light traffic network. The active light traffic development of Kerava has even been acknowledged in the form of the Tienviitta award; issued by the Finnish Association for Transport Planning.

The motto of Kerava is "little big Kerava". It means that Kerava is a cosy-sized town with a big heart.

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