Financial and statistical information

​Statistical information regarding Kerava is compiled annually for its own statistical publications, Taskutilasto (Eng. Pocket Statistics) and Tilastokirja (Eng. Statistical Yearbook). The publications present statistical information on, for example, the population, labour force, housing, finances and services. As its name suggests, Taskutilasto (Eng. Pocket Statistics) contains the latest information as a small, compact package. Tilastokirja (Eng. Statistical Yearbook) presents the information in more detail and over a longer period of time in the form of a printed report, which can be obtained from the financial services of the central administration. A large part of the statistical information can also be obtained from the public statistical services. On the other hand, the most detailed information on the town's economy can be found in the annual report.


Here is some information on Kerava:


GPS coordinates of Kerava: N 60.401033, E 25.107644

  • Annual balance 26,1 € millions
  • Annual balance 734 €/inhabitant
  • Operating expenditure 194,1 € millions
  • Tax revenue 155 € millions
  • Income tax percentage 19,25 %
  • Loans 37,9 €  millions
  • Loans 1 067 €/inhabitant
  • Financial result 14,5 € millions
  • 35 531 inhabitants 


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