Kerava products

Kerava products rose to prominence in 2005 as a result of the launch of the Kerava cap. In 2012 Kerava-green fuzzy dice were launched, and they raced all the way to the finals of the municipality marketing competition. Kerava fuzzy dice has been sold in thousands, even beyond the borders of Kerava and Finland.


Kerava's signature lamp is a tribute to the strong industrial roots of Kerava


The newest Kerava product is the Kerava lamp, which was launched in October 2013. The Kerava lamp was born as a collaborative project between the Town of Kerava, the heirs of Yki Nummi and Innojok Oy. It was inspired by the Kupoli table lamp designed by Yki Nummi, which was tailored into a Kerava-looking lamp with small details.  The lamp represents the unassuming and proportionally beautiful production of Nummi. Nummi worked as a lamp designer in the Stockmann-Orno factory of Kerava from 1950 to 1975.



A variable selection of Kerava products are for sale at the information desk of the Town Hall at Kauppakaari 11. Products are paid for in cash.

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