Aurinkomäki, the green and pleasant oasis in the centre of Kerava, attracts visitors throughout the year. In Aurinkomäki one can enjoy a picnic or just admire the beautiful flower plantings. There is also a covered stage there, which functions as the arena for various events.


Kerava's own Walk of Fame


The main street of Aurinkomäki is garnished with star-formed name tiles. It is our own "Walk of Fame", which consists of the stars of Kerava.


The Kerava star is a recognition, which can be obtained by a person or group active in culture or sports, who has brought nationwide positive attention in the media for Kerava.


The stars began to shine in Aurinkomäki for the first time in 2004. Petri Härkönen, the then Director of business development and currently the mayor of Kerava, envisioned a star field, which consists of light grey granite stone tiles decorated with steel oval plates with engraved names.  Over the years, the twinkle of stars has grown steadily. Persons receiving stars have been chosen by a changing group of people.

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