These pages contain information about centralised procurement services, upcoming procurements and calls for tenders and decision-making related to procurements.

The City publishes calls for tenders that exceed the threshold stated in the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts on the Hilma procurement notice channel. As a rule, procurements that fall below the threshold are published on the Cloudia procurement notice channel.

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Procurement services

The City of Kerava procurement services are centralised under the administrative services of the Office of the Mayor. Procurement services is an expert organisation that provides consulting services for the city’s divisions. In addition, procurement services is responsible for joint procurements of products and services.

The city’s separate procurements are put out to tender based on requests made by the divisions or by the divisions’ own experts. Contracts are put out to tender by the Urban Engineering Division. As a rule, minor procurements are put out to tender independently by the divisions.

Responses to open calls for tender must be submitted through the Cloudia service. Signing up to the service is free of charge. All of the city’s open calls for tenders are listed publicly in the portal. Instructions on how to sign up can be found in Cloudia: Cloudia

Calls for tenders

The electronic supplier system is used for all of the city’s public procurements. Suppliers are advised to follow the notices and calls for tenders published in the portal, as well as the questions and answers provided related to them. Changes to a call for tenders are announced to suppliers registered in the portal who have reviewed the tender documents related to the call for tenders in question or submitted a tender.

Please make sure that your company’s email system is able to receive emails ending in, as the supplier portal is maintained by the Cloudia system: Cloudia

Contact information for procurement services

The shared mailbox used by procurement services is

Postal address

Keravan kaupunki
Hallintopalveluiden vastuualue/Hankintapalvelut
PL 123, 04201 Kerava

Street address

Kauppakaari 11, 04200 Kerava