Water outages and disruptions

Up-to-date information about water outages and disruptions is shown in the map below. In addition, Kerava water company notifies of sudden water outages and disruptions on the front page of the city’s website. The notice is also distributed to affected properties and an SMS notification is sent out to customers living in addresses in the affected area.

Phone numbers registered to addresses in the affected area are retrieved automatically from a directory service. If your phone plan is registered to another address (such as a work phone), you have forbidden your carrier from disclosing your address or your phone number is secret or a prepaid plan, you can activate SMS notifications of disruptions by registering your phone number in Keypro Oy’s SMS service.

Affected properties are always notified of planned water outages and disruptions in advance. Sudden disruptions are announced as quickly as possible immediately after the disruption has been detected. In general, water outages and disruptions last a few hours, but depending on the nature of the problem, repairs may also take several days. On a case-by-case basis, if the disruption continues, Kerava water company will arrange a temporary water distribution point from which properties in the affected area can pick up potable water in their own canisters and containers.

After a water outage or disruption

During a water outage, deposits and rust may come loose from the pipes, which can cause the water to brown, clogging the filters of water taps and washing machines and discolouration of white laundry.

Before using water, Kerava water company recommends running plenty of water from multiple taps until the water becomes clear to avoid any inconveniences. Excess air that may have entered the pipes can cause a rattling sound and splashing when running water and cloudiness. If keeping water running for about 10-15 minutes does not help, contact Kerava water company.