Kerava map service

The most up-to-date map of the city can be found in the City of Kerava map service at

The map service includes address and guide maps and orthophotos taken in different years. By switching between map layers, you can also view information about land owned by the city, business plots for sale, available plots for single-family houses, noise impact areas and many other things related to the city’s operations that can be presented with the help of geospatial data.

With the tools available in the map service, you can measure distances and create your own map presentations and map links and share them by email and on social media. From the map view, you can also create map embeds that you can attach to your own website, for example. This way, the functionalities and datasets of the map service can also be used through your own website.

Maps and data contained in the map service are developed and new information is added to the service regularly with new datasets. You can also suggest new data to be added to the map service that is interesting or useful to other users. If possible, the suggested content is added if the necessary data is available to the city.