Water service agreement

The water service agreement concerns the connection of the property to the water company’s network and the provision and use of water company’s services. The parties to the agreement are the water company and the subscriber. The agreement is made in writing.

In the agreement, the water company defines the height of backwater for the property, in other words the level to which the wastewater may rise in the network. If the subscriber installs drains that are lower than the top water level, the water company is not liable for harm or damage caused by backwater (flooded sewer).

A signed water service agreement is one of the conditions for subscribing to a water supply and sewer network connection. The water service agreement can be signed when the property has a valid water mains connection statement.

The water service agreement is made in the name of all owners of a property, and each owner must sign the agreement. If the property does not have a valid water service agreement, water supply may be cut off.

Water service agreement and change of property ownership

When the property changes owners, the water service agreement is made in writing with the new owner. When the property has already joined the water supply network, the water service agreement is renewed as a change of ownership. The change of ownership is made using a separate online change of ownership form. The form can be filled in together by the old and new owners, or both can submit the form separately.

If the property is rented, no separate water service agreement is made with the tenant. However, billing can be transferred to the tenant’s name by filling out a change of ownership form.

When the property changes owners, a copy of the page of the deed of sale indicating that the water supply and sewer connection transfers to the new owner must be submitted to the water company. After the change of ownership reading, we will send the agreement to the new owner for their signature.

Water service agreement for a property under construction

The water service agreement is mailed to the owner when the building permit is final and non-appealable.