Educational visits and international cooperation

Educational visits

We wish you warmly welcome to visit schools in Kerava. In Kerava, we teach and learn today the way we think serves children in the best possible way. Our success factors are skilled and highly educated teachers and student-centred education. Our education culture values equality, well-being, inclusion, and deep learning.

In teaching we use diverse teaching methods, technology, and innovative learning environments to ensure the best possible learning experiences.

We have international sister school collaboration and different kind of international activities, such as school visit for educational personnel (teachers, principals, etc.), and job-shadowing for educational professionals.

Sister schools and collaboration with early childhood education centers

The schools and early childhood education centers of Kerava are happy to establish collaborative international partnerships. In the beginning of a partnership with a new sister school we make a contract in which the goals, contents and forms of collaboration are defined.

Collaboration with sister schools and early childhood education centers may include developing curriculums, sharing best teaching practices, shared phenomenon-based learning projects, and visits between the schools.

Visits between sister schools and early childhood education centers are free of charge.

Educational visits

Our schools and early childhood education centers welcome international visitors to explore their daily school activities.

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All visits include observation and an opportunity to enjoy Finnish school lunch.


  • Less than 3 hours 350 €
  • From 3 to 5 hours 550 €
  • Additional hours exceeding 5 hours 100 € /hour

VAT is not included in the prices.