Daycare centres in Kerava

Daycare centres provide full-time and part-time early childhood education and care for children under school age, depending on the family’s needs. There are seventeen municipal daycare centres in Kerava. Of these, Savenvalaja daycare centre is open around the clock.

The daycare centres have groups for ages under three, 3–5 and 1–5 as well as preschool groups. All municipal daycare centres are open from 6:00 to 18:00 if necessary. If you need to keep your child in daycare before 7:00 or after 17:00, this must be agreed with the daycare centre’s director.

Daycare centre staff are trained professionals in the field of education. In daycare, the aim is to establish a safe and confidential relationship with each child and guardian to ensure a positive early childhood education and care.

The presentation page of each daycare centre can be found on the website in Finnish.