Family daycare

Family daycare is a form of early childhood care and education that is provided in the caregiver’s own home. It is an individual and home-like form of care that is especially suitable for small children and children prone to infections.

Family daycare is part of early childhood education and care services. It is offered by the municipality and by private providers. Family daycare is based on the goals of early childhood education and care. Family daycare providers plan and carry out activities according to the age and needs of their daycare group in cooperation with guardians.

A family daycare provider may have up to four children under school age in care at a time, including any children of their own, as well as one preschool-age child in part-time care. You can apply to family daycare in the Hakuhelmi online service.

Once the child has received an early childhood education and care placement in family daycare, the guardian must accept or reject the placement. The family daycare instructor will contact the parents to schedule an introductory discussion. After this, the child and parents are given a tour of the family daycare location.

More information about family daycare is available on the Finnish-language pages.