Keravan Opisto in brief

Kerava Adult Education Center offers high quality courses and lectures for people in and around Kerava. The courses are open for anyone, regardless of educational background or profession. Topics of courses vary from languages, information technology, handicrafts, arts, to exercise and dance.

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Enrollment for autumn semester 2022

Exercise: Wed 10th August starting at 12 am.

Other courses: Thu 11th August starting at 12 am.

Cancellation terms

  • Cancellation 10 days before the course starts: free of charge.
  • Cancellation less than 10 days before the course starts: 50 % course fee has to be paid.
  • Cancellation when the course has started: full course fee has to be paid.

Course fees and discounts

The course fees vary, depending on the length of the course and other course costs. You can get a 20 € discount/person/semester, if you are:

  • unemployed
  • retired (under 1500 € / month, gross)
  • immigrant (discount included in Finnish language courses)
  • a person with learning disability

Note! You can only get a discount for one course per semester. After enrollment, visit the Keravan Opisto office or Asiointipiste to prove that you are entitled to get the discount. In the case we have already sent the invoice, discount is not available.


We offer courses in many different topics:

  • Social Sciences, health and media
  • Languages: e.g. Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Estonian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Greek and other languages.
  • Arts: literature, culture, music, photography, painting, and other forms of art.
  • Handicrafts: sewing, woodwork, crafts, jewel and silver works, paper works, special techniques, cooking, nutrition, gardening.
  • Sports and Dance: fitness, sports for children and parents, circus.

We also arrange lectures, events as well as study and cultural trips.

Keravan Opisto is actively involved in several local and international development projects. In addition, we offer educational services for communities and firms tailored according to their needs.


Feel free to contact us! Go to contacts (in Finnish).