International partners and projects


The School has several Erasmus+ cooperation projects in progress. The partner countries are Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and France. However, every year is a new Erasmus+ year and new projects and partnerships are constantly being developed.


Erasmus+ projects in more detail

  • The theme of the project is The Diversity of Information through Images.

    The content of the project consists of students’ reflections and answers to the following questions: what is the role of lie and truth in the image? Is painting always imagination and photography always truth? How do image processing and artificial intelligence change the concept of truth in images? How and what do we learn about each other through images? What do we want to communicate through images? How strongly are images of Italians and Finns formed through everyday images and art?

    In Finland, we will carry out 2–3 exercises to reflect, at a personal level (through our own images) and at a national level (through significant works of Finnish art history), on the content of the messages of images in relation to truth, image manipulation and clichéd images of people and nations.

  • The aim of this field trip is to learn about the history of Kerava’s twin town Aschersleben, Berlin and the divided Germany. Students will also learn about the artistic production of the Aschersleben artist Neo Rauch. The field trip will also explore how people will live, eat, move and live in the future.

    Aimed at German readers, the aim of the trip is to get to know German culture and to use the German language as much as possible.

  • Long-term exchange

    The partnership with the Lycée Victor Duruy in Mont-de-Marsan, France, which started in 2022, will continue. A long-term, period-long student exchange will be offered.

  • Long-term exchange

    In the academic year 2023–24, two students are going on a long-term exchange to Elche, where the partner school is IES La Foia d’Elx.