Indoor ice arena

Opening hours

  • Monday–Saturday 7.00–23.00
  • Sunday 7.30–23.00

Public skating hours

  • Wednesday 14.00–15.00 sticks in use, helmet mandatory
  • Thursday 14.00–15.00
  • Saturday 11.00–12.00
  • Sunday 11.00–12.00

Hours when sticks are in use are reserved for skaters using a hockey or other stick. Jumps and pirouettes are not permitted during public skating hours.

About the indoor ice arena

Skating hours will continue until Sunday, 23 April 2023.

The ice arena has a 59-metre by 30-metre rink with flexible sideboards equipped for ice sports. In addition to ice hockey, the arena can be used for figure skating, ringette and bandy. The arena has free public skating hours four days a week. The ice arena also has a 60-meter sprint track and a gym. The ice arena has 14 locker rooms, eight of which are reserved for ice sports, four for footballers and two for the gym. During the day, the ice rink is used by schools and daycare groups and in the evenings and on weekends by ice sports clubs.

The arena seats 1,500 persons.

Booking calendar for the ice arena

The booking calendar for the ice arena is found in the Timmi service.

Price list for the ice arena

See the price list at the Finnish-speaking site.