Outdoor sports facilities

Kerava offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor exercise. Keinukallio sports park has facilities for cross-country skiing, disc golf, running and stair climbing. Kaleva sports park has facilities for football and track and field, among other sports. Kerava also has several local sports facilities for residents of different ages, including high-quality outdoor courts for pesäpallo and tennis, for example.

Keinukallio sports park

Visiting address: Keinukalliontie 42
04250 Kerava
  • Keinukallio sports park is located within reach of excellent transport connections, just a few kilometres from Kerava city centre. Keinukallio is mainly a natural, beautiful and diverse recreation area. A running trail from Keinukallio via Ahjo and Ollilanlampi back to the park.

    Facilities at Keinukallio

    • Fitness stairs to the top of Keinukallio hill, from which there are views far to the distance.
    • The stairs have 261 steps that vary in run length several times during the climb.
    • There are trails for hill climbing on the slopes of Keinukallio.
    • About 10 km of lighted fitness trails with a crushed stone surface. In winter, the trails are converted to ski trails. The trails lead from Ahjo via Keinukallio all the way to Jokivarrentie (road 1521) in Svartböle, Sipoo. In winter, the ski trails are connected to trails in Bisajärvi, Kuusijärvi and Hakunila.
    • Sawdust running track 640 metres In early winter, the track is used for the first ski trail of the season using artificial snow.
    • Three beach volleyball courts.
    • Children’s sports park with a wide variety of activities.
    • Outdoor fitness areas next to the parking lot on Keinukalliontie and on the top of Keinukallio.
    • Free public disc golf course.
    • Drone field.
    • Cross-country archery range.
    • Sledding hill in the winter. The hill does not have lighting and is not maintained or supervised by the city.
    • Extensive natural grass fields.
    • Campfire site in front of the cafeteria building and next to the first parking lot when entering Keinukallio.
    • The public toilet in the service building is open Monday–Sunday 7.00–21.00.

    Maintenance of Keinukallio is overseen by the city’s sports services: liikunta@kerava.fi.

  • Facilities at Kaleva sports park

    • Athletics field, eight 400-meter running tracks, jumping and throwing areas and grandstand
    • Heated artificial turf football pitch, 105 metres by 68 metres
    • Two ice rinks
    • A running trail of just over one kilometre, along which there are fixed fitness equipment for training and a self-test of your level of fitness. The fitness test sign is found along the trail near the parking lot of the ice rink.
    • Street basketball court
    • Exercise park for senior citizens

Exercise trails

Kerava has five exercise trails with a crushed stone surface for running and other outdoor activities. The trails run through varying terrains and have fitness equipment placed along them. Dogs can be walked on the trails on a leash.

The trails have lighting daily from 6.00 to 22.00, with the exception of the period from 1 May to 15 August.
In winter, the trails are converted to ski trails. Dogs and walking are prohibited on ski trails.

If you notice an issue with the exercise trails, please let us know at liikunta@kerava.fi. Issues with lighting on the trails can be reported to katuvaloviat.kerava.fi.

  • Keinukallio ja Ahjo

    • starting points: Keinukalliontie or Ketjutie in Ahjo
    • Keinukallio sawdust running track and artificial ski trail 640 metres
    • Ski stadium trail 1,500 metres
    • Trail to Jokivarrentie 3,800 metres
    • Keinukallio trail and Ahjo trail, total length 5,600 metres


    • Metsolantie 3
    • 1,200 metres


    • Koivikontie 31
    • 740 metres


    • 4,600 metres
    • Pihkaniityntie


    • Luhtaniituntie
    • 1,800 metres

Outdoor pitches

Artificial turf and grass pitches

Kaleva artificial turf pitch

Visiting address: Kalevan urheilupuisto
Metsolantie 3
04200 Kerava

Kaleva artificial turf pitch is a 105 metre by 68 metre sized, heated pitch for winter use. The pitch has movable goals of different sizes and bleachers. There are four changing rooms and showers for football players at one end of the ice arena. The artificial turf pitch is lighted during booked shifts.

Koivikko pesäpallo field

Visiting address: Koivikontie 35
04260 Kerava

The Koivikko pesäpallo field is a sand-dressed artificial turf built in accordance with the quality requirements of Pesäpalloliitto. The field also has a sprint track and high jump area. In winter, the field can be converted into a skating rink.

In addition to Kaleva artificial turf and Koivikko pesäpallo field, there are several artificial turf pitches around Kerava where it is possible to book regular shifts. Shifts can be booked in the Timmi booking calendar. The pitches can be used freely outside booked shifts. A reservation is always needed for guided activities. 22.00 to 7.00 are silent hours on the pitches. Bicycles and dogs are not allowed on the pitches.

The artificial turf at Ahjo school has a football pitch and areas for track and field sports, including a shot put area. The pitch size is 30 metres by 60 metres.

Itä-Kytömaa artificial turf

Visiting address: Kutinmäentie
04200 Kerava

The pitch size is 26 metres by 36 metres.

Keravanjoki school artificial turf

Visiting address: Keravanjoen koulu
Ahjontie 2
04200 Kerava

Access to the pitch also via Jurvalantie 7.

.The pitch size is 38 metres by 66 metres.

Päivölänlaakso artificial turf

Visiting address: Hakkuutie 7
04220 Kerava

The pitch size is 41 metres by 53 metres.

Savio school artificial turf

Visiting address: Juurakkokatu 33
04260 Kerava

The pitch size is 39 metres by 43 metres.

Gravel pitches

Gravel pitches with a crushed stone surface are located in schoolyards and residential areas around Kerava. The pitches in schoolyards are used by schools between 8.00 and 16.00. Evening shifts can be booked in the Timmi booking system. Use of the pitches is free for sports clubs from Kerava. Kerava residents can use the pitches freely outside reservations. If you want to use a pitch for a larger event, submit an application in the lupapiste.fi service. In winter, the pitches are converted into skating rinks when permitted by weather conditions.

  • Jaakkola school gravel pitch

    • Size: 40m x 80m

    Kaleva school gravel pitch

    • Size: 40m x 60m

    Kannisto gravel pitch

    • Size: 60m x 65m

    Keskuskoulu school gravel pitch

    • Size: 48m x 135m

    Kilta school gravel pitch

    • Size: 63m x 103m

    Kurkela school gravel pitch

    • Size: 40m x 60m

    Pihkaniitty gravel pitch

    • Size: 28m x 57m

    Pohjolantie gravel pitch

    • Size: 35m x 55m

    Päivölänlaakso gravel pitch

    • Size: 35m x 35m

    Sompio gravel pitch

    • Size: 72m x 107m

    Sompio school gravel pitch

    • Size: 55m x 75m

Local sports facilities

Kerava also has local sports facilities for residents of different ages, from children to the elderly. Local sports facilities can be found in the map service.

  • Parkour climbing racks are located at the following addresses:

    • Päivölänlaakso school, Hakkuutie 7
    • Sompio school, Aleksis Kiven tie 18
    • Savio school, Juurakkokatu 33
    • Savion Salavapuisto park, Juurakkokatu 35.

    Street workout racks are located near Salavapuisto park in Savio.

  • Keravanjoki school skatepark

    Next to the main entrance of Keravanjoki school is a skatepark with an asphalt paving. The skatepark is also suitable for roller skaters and trick bikes. The skatepark address is Ahjontie 2.

    Kurkela skatepark

    The skatepark in Kurkela has a half pipe and a few other elements. The skatepark is located next to ASA Extreme Arena, address Käenpolku 3.

  • Fixed sports equipment for senior citizens can be found in:

    • Kaleva seniors’ park between the ice arena and swim centre
    • Savio seniors’ park near Salavapuisto in Savio.


  • Kerava upper secondary school outdoor gym

    • Located next to Kerava upper secondary school
    • Outdoor gym equipment by David Sports: squat, bench press, low row, back extension, dip, ab bench, shoulder press and gymnastics rig.

    Lapila outdoor gym

    • Located next to Lapila Manor
    • Outdoor gym equipment by David Sports: Squat, bench press and low row

    Tapulipuisto outdoor gym

    • Located in Heikkilä
    • Several fixed fitness equipment for public use

    Keinukallio outdoor gym

    • Located on top of the Keinukallio fitness stairs
    • Street workout rack and ab bench

    Koivunoksa outdoor gym

    • Located in Kytömaa near Koivunoksa artificial turf pitch
    • Ab and back benches, pull-up rack and lifting logs