Study tracks

At Kerava general upper secondary school, students can choose between the general study track or the science and mathematics track. In the chosen track, students can focus their studies by selecting courses from the school’s national and school-specific course offering. Applying to Kerava general upper secondary school is possible in the Opintopolku service.

  • At Kerava general upper secondary school, students have more freedom in designing their individual study path. The school offers a rich selection of its own applied courses in addition to the national compulsory and specialised courses. By building their own study path, students can focus their studies on themes such as arts and crafts, languages, science and mathematics or entrepreneurship, for example.

    The school organises coaching in several sports. In addition, students have the opportunity to integrate training in other sports and hobbies as part of their studies.

    Students can participate in various productions organised by the school, international projects and courses abroad as well as sports coaching, which is organised as general coaching. Students design their own study plans with the help of a guidance counsellor, tutor and tutor students and, if necessary, a special needs teacher.

    The compact city centre of Kerava and short distances make it easy to quickly move between different educational institutions. This makes it possible to take studies also from other educational institutions, which is useful for students who want to take advantage of the different combinations of general and vocational education in the or combine tertiary studies with their general upper secondary studies.

  • The science and mathematics study track is intended for students interested in science and mathematics. The track provides a solid foundation for higher education studies in these subjects.

    The track focuses on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and computer science. Students selected for the track study the advanced syllabus in mathematics and at least one science subject. If, for compelling reasons, the mathematics syllabus has to be later changed to the basic syllabus, attending the track also requires studying another science subject. Advanced courses must also be completed in the selected science subjects. In addition, there are school-specific courses in all subjects covered by the track. The track offers a total of 23 specialised courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and computer science.

    Science and mathematics subjects are studied in the track’s own group, which mostly remains the same until graduation. Students of the track can also choose from all other general upper secondary school courses. The track focuses on subjects that provide a good foundation for matriculation examinations and higher education studies in science, medicine, mathematics and engineering. In the track’s special courses, students visit universities, universities of applied sciences and businesses.