Enrolment in preschool

Preschool begins one year before the start of compulsory education during the year when the child turns six.


You can enrol your child in free preschool education in January in the Wilma web service. Children born in 2018 will start preschool in autumn 2024. Instructions on how to enrol will be mailed to families in late December.

All families who enrol in preschool will receive a notification about their preschool placement in the mail by the end of March.

Secondary enrolment

A secondary enrolment round will be held in early April 2024. If the preschool placement decision you received is not suitable, you can apply for a place for your child in another preschool in the secondary enrolment round.

Applications to change the preschool placement can be submitted electronically in Wilma by re-enrolling in preschool.