Child in preschool

What is preschool education

Preschool is an important stage in a child’s life before starting school. Typically, preschool lasts one year, beginning in the year when the child turns six and continuing until the child starts basic education.

Attending preschool is compulsory. This means that the child must attend one year of preschool or other activities that meet the goals of preschool education in the year before the start of compulsory education.

In preschool, children learn skills necessary at school and help children make the transition to basic education as smoothly as possible. Preschool provides a solid foundation for the child’s lifelong learning.

Teaching methods used in preschool take into account the child’s holistic way of learning and doing through play, exercise, art, experimentation, exploring new things, asking questions and interacting with other children and adults. There is plenty of room for play in preschool education, and children learn skills through different games.

Free preschool education

In the City of Kerava, preschool education is provided by municipal and private day cares centres and in schools. Preschool education is provided for four hours a day. The education is free of charge and includes lunch and learning materials. In addition to free preschool, any supplementary early childhood education and care provided to the child is subject to a fee. The amount of fee depends on the duration of the child’s placement in early childhood education and care.

Supplementary early childhood education and care

Preschool-aged children receive four hours of free preschool education a day. In addition to preschool, children have the opportunity to attend supplementary early childhood education and care in the mornings or afternoons before and after preschool.

Early childhood education that supplements preschool is subject to a fee. The fee is charged for the months August to May according to the time the child is in care.

Enrolment in supplementary early childhood education and care is done at the same time when enrolling in preschool. If you find that you have a need for supplementary early childhood education for your child during the daycare and preschool year, contact the director of the daycare centre.

Absences from preschool

Absences from preschool are permitted only for a special reason. Absences for reasons other than illness must be requested from the daycare centre director.

The impact of the absence on how the goals of preschool are achieved will be discussed with the child’s early childhood education teacher.

Cooperation between home and daycare

The electronic Wilma system used by schools is also used for communication with guardians of children in preschool. In Wilma, guardians can receive private messages and announcements about activities at the preschool. Guardians can also contact the daycare centre through Wilma.