The Local Government Act and administrative regulations and ordinances approved by the City Council contain provisions on administration and decision-making by which the Council can delegate its powers to other municipal bodies, elected officials and office-holders.

To organise the city’s administration, the Council has also adopted ordinances that decree on the various municipal authorities and their activities, division of powers and tasks.

​​​​​The composition of committees can be found in the search tool for municipal bodies. ​Agendas and minutes of meetings can be found here. ​

Education Committee, 13 members

The Education Committee is tasked with the organisation and development of early childhood education and care services, pre-primary education, basic education and general upper secondary education. The committee also actively influences cooperation between local educational institutions, participates in the coordination of ownership policy in joint municipal education and training authorities, and develops cooperation between educational institutions and businesses. The presenting official is the Director of the Education Division. The keeper of the minutes is the Head of Administration of the Education Division.

Central Election Committee

The Central Election Committee carries out the duties that are separately assigned to it by the Electoral Act. In national elections, the Central Election Committee handles all practical preparations for the elections and the organisation of early voting. In municipal elections, the Central Election Committee is also responsible for, among other tasks, reviewing applications to be published in lists of candidates and preparing the overall list of candidates, organising the counting of early votes and votes cast on election day, and for confirming the result of the election. The committee is appointed by the City Council. Members are elected for a four-year term and should, as far as possible, represent the political groups elected in the previous municipal elections. The presenting official and keeper of the minutes is the City Secretary. The secondary keeper of the minutes is a senior administrative specialist.

Audit Committee, 9 members

The main task of the Audit Committee is to assess whether the operational and financial targets set for the municipality and the municipal group by the City Council have been achieved and whether operations are organised in an effective and appropriate manner, and to assess the realisation of a balanced budget. The Audit Committee also prepares the decision on the procurement of audit services for the Council and coordinates the audits of the municipality and its subsidiaries. The Audit Committee supervises compliance with the obligation to declare conflicting interests and notifies the City Council of such declarations.

The decisions of the Audit Committee are made without a presentation by a presenting official on the basis of the committee chair’s report.

Urban Enginering Committee, 13 members

The Urban Engineering Division takes care of technical and urban environment services for Kerava residents and the city’s agencies as well as catering and cleaning services. The committee’s task is to manage, supervise and develop the activities of the Urban Engineering Division. The committee is responsible for the appropriate organisation of the administration and operations of the Urban Engineering Division and internal control. The presenting official is the Director of the Urban Engineering Division. The keeper of the minutes is the Head of Finance and Administration of the Urban Engineering Division.

Permits Subcommittee, 7 members

The Permits Subcommittee handles the official duties of building supervision in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act and deals with those official tasks of building supervision that require decision-making by a multi-member body, such as appeals against decisions made by office-holders and matters that concern coercive measures. The preparation and execution of matters decided by the Permits Subcommittee is handled by the city’s Building Supervision Department. The presenting official in the subcommittee’s meetings is the chief building inspector. The secretary for permit services is the keeper of the minutes.

Leisure and Wellbeing Committee, 13 members

The Leisure and Wellbeing Committee is responsible for organising and developing the Kerava city library, culture and museum services, sports services, youth services and the services of Keravan Opisto adult education centre. The committee also ensures the preconditions for recreational and local activities in cooperation with communities in Kerava. The committee coordinates preventive work carried out by the divisions and acts in a position of trust to promote a sense of community. The presenting official is the Director of the Leisure and Wellbeing Division. The keeper of the minutes is the Financial and Administrative Secretary of the Leisure and Wellbeing Division.