Cultural education

Lippalakkipäinen nuori pelaa pöydän ääressä taidenäyttelyssä.

The city’s cultural education is guided by the cultural education plan drawn up as a cooperation between Kerava cultural services, Kerava library, Art and Museum Centre Sinkka and the city’s Education Division. The plan outlines what kinds of cultural and artistic content is offered to children and young people of different ages and how cultural, artistic and cultural heritage education is taught in daycare and schools. The cultural education plan is trialled during the school year 2022–2023 and covers children in early childhood education and care to the ninth grade of comprehensive school.

The values of Kerava’s cultural education plan are based on the Kerava City Strategy and the curricula of early childhood education and care, preschool and basic education. The values of cultural education are courage, humanity and inclusion, which form the foundation for children to grow to become active and healthy adults.   

One of the goals of the City Strategy is to be a forerunner in education. This goal is implemented and cultural learning strengthened through cultural education. The cultural education plan guarantees all children and young people in Kerava an equal opportunity to participate in, experience and interpret art, culture and cultural heritage. Diverse and creative learning environments offer insights, joy and experiences to learning. This supports the growth of children and young people as confident users, shapers and makers of culture and art who understand the importance of culture in personal wellbeing.