The temporary exhibitions at Art and Museum Centre Sinkka showcase contemporary art, interesting cultural phenomena and local industrial design tradition and history.

Besides exhibitions, Sinkka offers a wide range of cultural events, guided tours, lectures, concerts and additional activities for families with children.

The word ‘Sinkka’ means a strong wood dovetail joint, which is depicted on the coat of arms of Kerava. Like a strong wood joint, Art and Museum Centre Sinkka brings together art and cultural history museum services under one roof and offers diverse, surprising and fresh content.

There is also a small café and museum shop with free entry at Sinkka.

Heikkilä Local History Museum

Heikkilä Local History Museum is situated near the centre of Kerava. The interior exhibition in the museum’s main building tells about the life of a wealthy peasant house in Kerava from the mid-1800s to the early 1930s.

On the verdant one-hectare museum grounds is the main building of the former Heikkilä estate dating from the late 1700s that has been converted into a museum, as well over a dozen other farmyard buildings. The main building of the museum, labourers’ cabin, farmhands’ cottage and loft storehouse are original, while the other buildings in the museum area have been moved to the site later.

Heikkilä Local History Museum is open in the summer. The museum yard is open all year round for independent exploration.

Elävät juuret (‘Vibrant roots’) – Discover a new connection to culture and nature

Elävät juuret is an experience guide by 11 museums and 10 restaurants that offers more than 40 different ways to unwind through culture and nature in the vicinity of Lake Tuusula. Among the cultural sites included are the museums of Järvenpää, Kerava and Tuusula as well as Purkutaideyhteisö demolition art community. In Kerava, you can explore the Elävät juuret experience tour at Art and Museum Centre Sinkka.