The Finnish model for leisure activities

The Finnish model for leisure activities promotes and facilitates hobbies for schoolchildren in grades 1 to 9 by offering free recreational activities based on pupils’ wishes. Hobbies and school club activities are brought together into a coherent whole and integrated with the school day.

Information about hobbies is published in Wilma, on the city’s and youth services’ website and social media, as well as in Kerava’s activity calendar. The aim is to find hobbies for pupils who are not involved in any recreational activity.

During the school year, schools organise activities in physical education, sports, arts and culture as well as learning and crafts. The themes are selected based on a survey of pupils’ interests. Activity groups and hobbies take place in the mornings and afternoons, reducing the time that children and young people spend alone at home on weekdays.

An activity calendar has been introduced in Kerava, which includes both free hobbies offered at school as well as paid activities for children and young people in Kerava.

Hobby groups in Kerava are open to all comprehensive school students, and you can also sign up for the activities during the school year.

Learn more about hobbies and sign up (in Finnish).

After-school activities

The City of Kerava and the parish organise paid after-school activities for pupils. After-school activities are intended for pupils in years 1–2 and for pupils in years 3–9 who are admitted to special needs education. Learn more about after-school activities (in Finnish).