Computers and WiFi

In the library, you can use public computers free of charge. Some of the computers are desktop computers and some are laptops. This page explains how to book and use them.

  • Login to the desktop computers is done using your Kirkes library card and PIN code. The code is the same one used when renewing loans. If you do not have a Kirkes card, ask the library’s customer service for a temporary username and password. To do this, you need proof of ID.

    Computers can be booked in advance through the eBooking app. Go to eBooking (in Finnish). Up to three one-hour sessions can be booked during one day. Booked sessions start on the hour. You have 10 minutes to sign in, after which the computer is released for others to use.

    You can log in to an available computer directly without an advance booking. During the day, you can use up to three unbooked sessions. Please note that the length of the unbooked session depends on the sign-in time and may be shorter than an hour.

    To check the remaining time, go to the desktop. The time is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Ebooking will give a warning 5 minutes before the end of the session. Be sure to keep track of the time and save your work on time.

    Desktop computers have a Windows 10 operating system and Windows Office apps, with the exception of Outlook Mail.

  • Laptop computers can be borrowed by persons aged 15 or over for use in the library’s premises. To borrow a laptop, you need a Kirkes library card and a valid photo ID. The photo ID is held at the customer service desk while the laptop is out on loan.

    Laptop computers have a Windows 10 operating system and Windows Office apps without Outlook mail. You can also print from laptops.

  • You can use your own devices in the library’s guest network Vieras245. Connecting does not require a password but asks you to accept the terms of use using the Accept button. If the page does not open automatically, open a web browser and accept the terms of use.