Permits issued by the Building Supervision Department

In Kerava, building permits are applied for electronically in the service. The service can be used for all questions related to building permits, including before and during the building project.

  • The City of Kerava uses the Lupapiste Kauppa online service, where you can purchase building drawings directly from the Building Supervision archives electronically and download the purchased PDF files immediately for your own use.

    Lupapiste Kauppa offers a way to access the Building Supervision archives anywhere, anytime. In most cases, the permit decision and permit drawings are available from the service.

    Lupapiste Kauppa permit store (in Finnish).

Permit decisions by the Building Supervision Department are available in the public notice list on the city’s official notice board at Kauppakaari 11. The list is displayed during the period of redress or appeal. In addition, announcements of decisions are published on the city’s website (search for rakennusvalvonnan pöytäkirja, building supervision minutes, or julkipanolista, public notice list).