Volunteer park attendants

Nainen poimimassa roskia roskapihtien kanssa

Are you interested in taking care of your own local park or green area? Since the spring of 2020, Kerava residents have had the opportunity to become volunteer park attendants (‘puistokummi’) and help improve comfort of their own local environment. Everyone who is interested can sign up as a volunteer park attendant alone or in a group. No special skills are required from volunteer park attendants.

The volunteer work mainly involves picking up trash from the park, but you can also agree with the volunteer coordinator on other park maintenance work. In the spring of 2022 at the request of the volunteers, the activities were expanded to include both trash collection as well as the prevention of invasive species and the organisation of work parties to remove invasive species. Volunteer park attendants differ from ordinary voluntary activities in that the work is repetitive and continuous. As a volunteer park attendant, you decide on your own way of participating and are responsible for organising the activities.

The city supports park attendants by assisting in taking away garbage and by providing volunteers with high-visibility vests, garbage pliers, work gloves and trashbags, which you can pick up after signing up as a volunteer park attendant at the Sampola information desk during opening hours. The city’s park volunteer coordinator guides and assists in case of problems. At least once a year, the results of the work are celebrated with all park attendant volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer park attendant, don’t hesitate to sign up. You can fill in the online signup form or call the park volunteer coordinator.

Let’s keep Kerava clean together!