Enrolling in school

Welcome to attending school in Kerava! Starting school is a big step in the life of a child and the family and often raises questions from the parents. For more information on starting school, see the guide for guardians in the Finnish page.

Enrolling in Year 1 of primary school

Children starting Year 1 of school in the City of Kerava receive instructions on how to enrol and start school mailed to the family’s home. The instructions are also sent to the guardians electronically in Wilma.

Enrolment for Year 1 of primary school is done electronically in Wilma. Compulsory education for children born in 2016 will begin in autumn 2023. In Kerava, enrolment in basic education in Finnish and Swedish and aptitude test for the music-oriented class is in February.

Children who move to Kerava during the spring or summer 2023 whose school starts in autumn 2023 can be enrolled in school provided that the guardian knows the child’s future address in Kerava and date of the move. Enrolment is done using the form for transferring pupils, which can be filled in according to the instructions found on Wilma’s front page.

Children living in other municipalities can enrol in school in Kerava mainly through the secondary admission procedure. Applications for the secondary admission of next autumn’s first-year pupils are open after the primary admissions have been announced in mid-April.

Pupils with special needs

If a pupil needs special support in school, the enrolment in special needs education is done by contacting the school’s specialists in education and learning support.

Immigrant pupils

Immigrants who do not speak Finnish are given instruction that prepares for basic education. Enrolling in preparatory instruction is done by contacting the school’s specialist in education and teaching. More information about teaching for immigrants.

School placement decisions of Year 1 pupils

The decision on the school placement of children starting Year 1 is sent either electronically in Wilma or by mail, depending on the guardian’s choice. In Wilma, decisions can be found on the guardian’s front page under: Applications and decisions. The decision will be given by mid-April.