Transitioning to lower secondary school

Year 6 pupils entering Year 7 do not need to separately enrol in lower secondary school. A decision on admission is made for pupils in accordance with the criteria for primary admission. Guardians can submit additional information for the decision using the online form in Wilma. The guardian can give information about the following factors that may affect admission:

  • Particularly weighty reasons related to the pupil’s health or student welfare or a decision on the provision of special support
  • The pupils will attend Swedish-speaking basic education in Sipoo or Vantaa
  • The family is moving to a new address. In this case, be sure to also include the new address

Decision on lower secondary school placement

The decision on the pupil’s secondary school placement is announced to guardians by mid-April. Unfortunately, enquiries about the future school placement cannot be answered before this.

After the pupil has been assigned a local school, the guardian may apply for admission at another secondary school. This is called secondary admission. Secondary admissions are decided by the school principal. A school may admit secondary applicants if there are places available in the classes or if vacancies are expected due to pupils applying to other schools.

Applications for secondary admission is also done in Wilma. The application period begins once the primary admissions have been announced.