Student health and wellbeing

This page contains information about student welfare services as well as accidents at school and insurance.

Student welfare

Student welfare supports the learning and wellbeing of children and adolescents in day-to-day life in the school and promotes cooperation between the school and home. Student welfare services are available in all schools in Kerava. Community-based student welfare is preventive, multi-professional and supports the whole community.

Student welfare services include:

  • School social workers
  • School psychologists
  • School healthcare services

Student welfare in Kerava also include:

  • School family counsellors
  • Psychiatric nurses

Student welfare services are provided by the wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava.

  • The school social worker is a social work professional whose task is to support students’ schooling and social wellbeing in the school community.

    The school social worker’s work focuses on the prevention of problems. The school social worker can be contacted by students themselves and by parents, teachers and another persons concerned about the student’s situation.

    Concerns may include unauthorised absences from school, bullying, fears, difficulties with classmates, lack of motivation, neglect of schooling, loneliness, aggression, disruptive behaviour, substance abuse and family difficulties.
    The aim of the work is to support children and adolescents comprehensively and provide conditions for obtaining a diploma and eligibility for further studies.

    Read more about school social worker services on the website of the wellbeing services county.

  • A key principle of school psychology is to support the school’s pedagogical work and teaching and promote the psychological wellbeing of pupils in the school community. The school psychologist supports students preventively and remedially.

    In primary schools, the work is based on various studies related to school attendance arrangements, student meetings and discussions with guardians, teachers and the school’s partners.

    Reasons for seeing the school psychologist include learning difficulties and questions about school attendance arrangements, challenging behaviour, restlessness, problems with concentration, psychosomatic symptoms, anxiety, neglect of schooling, stage fright and problems in social relationships.

    The psychologist supports pupils and students in different crisis situations and is part of the school’s crisis response team.

    Read more about school psychologist services on the website of the wellbeing services county.

  • Free family counselling by the school is available to families of all children of primary school age. Family counselling provides early support in matters related to schooling and parenthood.

    The purpose of the service is to identify and support the family’s own resources. The family and counsellor discuss together about what kinds of areas are in need of support. As a rule, the appointments take place in the family’s home. If necessary, appointments can be held at the child’s school or in the family counsellor’s office at Kerava upper secondary school.

    You can contact the school’s family counsellor when you want help with the challenges of your child’s schooling or you want to discuss parenting, for example.

    Read more about family councellor services on the website of the wellbeing services county.

  • School healthcare services are aimed at comprehensive school pupils and students to promote the wellbeing, health and safety of the entire school and student community.

    Each school has a designated school nurse and doctor. The school nurse performs annual health check-ups of all age groups. In years 1, 5 and 8, the health check-up is more comprehensive and also includes an appointment with the school doctor. Guardians are also invited to attend the comprehensive health check-up.

    The health check-up provides information on the child’s growth and development and advice on health and wellbeing. School healthcare supports the wellbeing and parenthood of the whole family.

    In addition to health check-ups, you can contact the school nurse if you have concerns about your wellbeing, mood or coping. If necessary, the public health nurse can refer you to a doctor, psychiatric nurse, school social worker or school psychologist, for example.

    School healthcare provides vaccinations in accordance with the national vaccination programme. The school nurse takes care of first aid in accidents at the school together with the rest of the staff. In accidents that take place outside school and sudden illnesses, the local health centre is responsible for the treatment.

    School healthcare services are statutory activities, but participation in health check-ups is voluntary.

    Read more about school healthcare services on the website of the wellbeing services county.

  • Indoor air health nurse services for pupils and students at the wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava

    There is a health nurse specialized in the indoor environment of schools at the wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava. If there is concern about the indoor air at a school, the indoor air health nurse can be contacted by a school health nurse, a pupil or student, or a guardian.

    Check the contact information on the wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava website (in Finnish).

School accidents and insurance

The City of Kerava has insured all children using early childhood education services, comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school students against accidents.

The insurance is valid during actual school hours, after-school activities and club and hobby activities, during travel between the school and home, as well as at sporting events, field trips, study visits and camp schools included in the school year plan. The insurance does not cover accidents outside school hours or the personal property of students.

A separate travel insurance is taken out for the duration of school trips related to international activities. Travel insurance does not include luggage insurance.