Support for growth and learning

Support for learning and school attendance is divided into general support, intensified support and special support. Forms of support, such as remedial teaching, special education and interpreter services, can be used at all levels of support.

The organisation of support is flexible and varies according to the pupil’s needs. The effectiveness of the support received by the pupil is assessed when necessary and at least once a year. Support is organised in cooperation between teachers and other staff.

  • General support is intended for all pupils who need support in different situations. General forms of support include, but are not limited to:

    • differentiation of teaching, grouping of pupils, flexible adaptation of teaching groups and grade-independent studies
    • remedial teaching and part-time, short-term special education
    • interpreter and personal assistant services and teaching aids
    • homework assistance
    • school club activities
    • preventive measures against bullying.
  • If a pupil needs several individually targeted forms of support on a regular and long-term basis, he or she can be given intensified support. Intensified support includes all forms of general support. In general, several forms of support are in use at the same time.

    Intensified support is regular and more dynamic and long-term than general support. Intensified support is based on a pedagogical assessment of the pupil and systematically supports learning and schooling.

  • Special support is provided when intensified support is insufficient. The pupil is given comprehensive and systematic support so that they can complete their compulsory education and receive a basis for continuing studies after comprehensive school.

    Special support is provided either under general or extended compulsory education. In addition to general and intensified forms of support, special support may include, for example:

    • classroom-based special needs education
    • studying according to an personalised syllabus, or
    • studying by field of activity instead of subject.

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