Edlevo service for guardians

Edlevo is an electronic service that is used in Kerava’s early childhood education.

In Edlevo, you can:

  • report the child’s care times and absences
  • follow assigned care times
  • inform about the changed phone number and e-mail
  • dismiss the child’s early childhood education place.

Daycare dates and hours and absences

You must enter your child’s daycare dates and hours and absences electronically in Edlevo. Planned daycare days and absences known in advance must be entered in the Edlevo mobile app or browser interface. The schedule must be reported for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six months at a time. The system is locked on Sundays at midnight, after which you can no longer enter your child’s daycare schedule for the next two weeks.

Because we use the reported schedules to plan staff shifts and meal orders, the entered dates and hours are binding. If you have not entered a daycare schedule before the system is locked, it is possible that early childhood education and care cannot be provided outside 8.00 to 16.00.

If your child attends daycare part-time, report regular absences in the Edlevo menu using the absence entry. You can copy and enter the same the dates and hours for all your children who have the same schedule. As the guardian, you can view the dates and hours you have entered in Edlevo.

Making changes to your child’s schedule

Daycare days entered in the system can be edited up until entries are locked. If you need to change your child’s schedule after the entries are locked, contact your child’s daycare group.

Get the Edlevo mobile app or use Edlevo on browser

Edlevo is free of charge and compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app can be found in the app store under the name Edlevo. For the time being, the Edlevo app can only be found in Finnish app stores.

If using the system on a browser, we recommend Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Edlevo is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

More information

Instructions for using the app can be found on the website in Finnish.

Go to Edlevo (in Finnish).