Illnesses, medication, accidents and insurance

  • Please do not bring your child to early childhood education when sick.

    If your child falls ill during the day

    If a child falls ill, the guardians are immediately notified and the child must be picked up from daycare as soon as possible. The child can return to daycare or preschool when the symptoms are gone and the child has been healthy for two days.

    An acutely ill child can participate in early childhood education and care while their medication is ongoing after a sufficient recovery period. As a rule, medication must be given to the child at home, not at the place of early childhood education. On a case-by-case basis, early childhood education staff may administer medication labelled with the child’s name according to the treatment plan.

    Regular medication

    If your child is under regular medication, please inform the staff as soon as your child begins attending early childhood education. Give a copy of the prescription written by a doctor on the regular medication to the daycare staff. The guardians, representatives of healthcare services and the daycare or preschool agree on how to follow the child’s treatment plan on a case-by-case basis.

  • In the event of an accident, first aid is provided immediately and parents are notified as soon as possible. If the accident requires further treatment, the child is taken to a health centre or a dental clinic, depending on the nature of the accident. If the child needs assistive devices after an accident, the centre’s director and the parents evaluate the child’s ability to continue to attend early childhood education.

    The City of Kerava has insurance for children in early childhood education and care. The daycare staff report the accident to the insurance company. The insurance company reimburses the costs of treating the accident according to public healthcare fees. Neither the insurance company nor the City of Kerava will compensate for any lost earnings caused by arranging home care for the child. Accidents in early childhood education and care are monitored systematically.