Accepting and starting in an early childhood education placement

Accepting the placement

Once the child has received an early childhood education placement at a daycare centre or family day care, the guardian must accept or reject the placement. The early childhood education placement must be cancelled no later than two weeks after receiving the notification. The cancellation is made electronically in Hakuhelmi.

The application for an early childhood education placement is valid for one year. If the family does not accept the early childhood education placement or cancels the placement, the application expires. If the start of the early childhood education placement is postponed, the family does not need to submit a new application. In this case, it is sufficient that you notify early childhood education services about the postponement. If you wish, you can apply for a transfer to another early childhood education placement.

Once the family has decided to accept the early childhood education placement, the daycare centre’s director calls the family to schedule an introductory conference. The early childhood education fee is charged from the agreed start date of the early childhood education placement.

Introductory conference and getting to know the daycare centre

Before the start of early childhood education and care, the staff of the daycare group schedules an introductory conference with the child’s guardians. The daycare centre’s director schedules the appointment for the introductory conference. The conference takes about one hour and is held at the daycare centre or the child’s home if requested by the family.

After the introductory conference, the child and guardians are given a tour of the daycare centre’s facilities and activities.
The guardian accompanies the child to daycare and helps introduce the child to day-to-day activities. We recommend that as the guardian, you help your child get to know all the different activities during the day, including mealtimes, outdoor activities and a rest break. The time needed to familiarise the child with activities at the daycare depends on the family and child and is agreed together with the family.

The City of Kerava’s insurance is valid during the introductory visit even if you have not yet received a decision on your child’s early childhood education placement. The introductory visit is free of charge for the family.