Urban and resident safety

Urban security means conditions in which every member of society can enjoy the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the legal system and a safe society without fears or feelings of insecurity caused by crime, emergencies, accidents, disasters or phenomena or changes within the Finnish society or internationally.

Cities and municipalities are different, and their safety and security challenges and development needs vary. Local safety and security work is steered and planned by city management and also closely involves rescue services and especially the police. The City of Kerava takes the special characteristics of Kerava into account in its safety and security planning. The goal of the plans is to ensure that residents feel safe in all situations.

The city’s safety and security planning is part of overall urban safety. Overall urban safety includes securing critical infrastructure and services, a task in which associations and local residents also play a role. Overall safety also includes ensuring that the city has an up-to-date contingency plan in place.

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