Readiness and contingency planning

Preparing for different disturbances and emergencies is part of the city’s normal operations and safety planning. The goal of readiness and contingency planning is to ensure the safety of residents and secure the functioning of critical services in all situations. The city and other authorities will give advance notice if readiness is increased due to a serious emergency or disturbance, for civil defence reasons or otherwise.

Readiness and contingency planning measures taken by the City of Kerava include updating the procedures followed by each sector, ensuring effective management and flow of information, training personnel and conducting various drills together with the authorities, ensuring cybersecurity and securing water supply and other critical infrastructure and services. The city has also prepared a contingency plan, which was approved by the City Board in February 2021.

VASU2020 contingency plan for emergencies and disturbances

VASU2020 is the City of Kerava’s emergency preparedness system and contingency plan for disturbances and emergencies under normal conditions. Disturbances and emergencies include severe and extensive information system outages, contamination of water supply, and emergency evacuation of production and business premises.

  1. VASU2020 is divided into two parts. The first of these is public, while the second part is confidential:
    The publicly available part describes the emergency preparedness management system and authorities and how decision-making is ensured in the event of a disturbance or emergency. The public part also explains concepts and definitions related to disturbances and emergencies.
  2. The confidential part deals with operational hierarchies, threat, risk and operating instructions, communication with stakeholders and within the organisation, crisis communication, contact lists and crisis budgeting, and the partnership agreement for emergency care with the Vapepa Voluntary Rescue Service coordinated by the Finnish Red Cross, instructions on the use of the VIRVE communication network, and Evacuation and civil protection instructions.