Civil defence shelters

Most civil defence shelters in the Kerava region are located in private buildings (reinforced concrete shelters in residential, commercial or industrial buildings) or private shelters shared by several properties. Both types of shelter are intended for the protection of people living, working or otherwise staying in the building or property in question.

In addition to private civil defence shelters, public spaces such as ports and bus stations may have public shelters intended for the protection of persons in the area. In Finland, there are only a handful of public civil defence shelters found in major cities. There are no public civil defence shelters in Kerava or the Central Uusimaa region.

However, some service properties owned by the City of Kerava are equipped with civil defence shelters. These shelters are primarily reserved for the buildings’ employees and customers during office hours. If an emergency requires the use of civil defence shelters outside office hours, the city will instruct on such measures separately.