Ice skating

Mies heittää jääkiekkoa ilmaan luistelukentällä.

Kerava has 13 skating rinks. In addition to these, skating is possible during the public hours at the ice arena with or without a stick. The public hours are free of charge and open to everyone. See the times of public hours on the ice arena page.

The Koivikko ice skating field in Savio also has an ice rink and a circuit track.

Ice rinks cannot be booked and are free of charge for everyone to use.

    • Ahjo school artificial turf pitch
    • Itä-Kytömaa artificial turf
    • Kaleva school football pitch
    • Kannisto football pitch
    • Keravanjoki school artificial turf
    • Keskuskoulu school football pitch
    • Kilta school football pitch
    • Koivikko pesäpallo field (rink, field and circuit track)
    • Kurkela school football pitch
    • Pihkaniitty football pitch
    • Päivölänlaakso football pitch (artificial turf)
    • Savio school football pitch (artificial turf)
    • Sompio football pitch
  • You can check the status of outdoor ice rinks at the map servcice. Go to map service.

    Ice rinks are marked in the map as either “käytössä” (in use) or “ei käytössä” (not in use). All outdoor ice rinks in Kerava are natural ice and frozen using water from Keravanjoki river. Due to the equipment used and conditions, natural ice is not as smooth as artificial ice and the condition of the ice is mediocre at best.

  • Freezing of the ice rinks begins as soon as weather conditions permit. To be successful, freezing requires at temperature of at least -5°C around the clock. The subsoil of the field must also be frozen before building of the ice rink can begin. In mild weather, building the ice is slow and water can only be added in thin layers at a time. Ice rinks are maintained according to weather conditions.

  • Changing rooms are open

    • Monday–Friday 8.00–20.30
    • Saturday–Sunday 11.00–17.30

    Lighted hours

    • Monday–Friday 8.00–22.00