Cherry tree route

On the cherry tree route, you can admire the splendour of Kerava’s cherry trees at your own pace on foot or by bike. The trail is three kilometres long and circles the city centre of Kerava. The length of the bike trail is 11 kilometres, and you can also add an additional 4.5-kilometre loop. Along all the routes there are marked stops for admiring cherry flowers and stopping for a picnic.

The cherry tree route has no fixed start or end point. While on the trail, you can stop at the locations of your choice and listen to stories recorded for trail tour about hanami, Japanese culture and traditions related to the flowering of cherry trees. You can also listen to Japanese music in between the stories while walking and cycling the trail or picnicking under the cherry trees.

For your picnic, you can borrow a blanket and a basket for snacks from Kerava library. Blankets and baskets can be borrowed as quick loans with a loan period of seven days. However, please return the baskets and blankets to the library as soon as possible so that they are available to as many people as possible.

Download the cherry tree walking and bike route map on the Finnish-speaking site.

Listening to hanami stories and Japanese music on Spotify.

Sargent’s cherry and pin cherry bloom in Kerava

Most cherry trees planted in Kerava are Sargent’s cherries. The pink-flowered Sargent’s cherry blooms in early spring while almost leafless, but nevertheless attracts admirers with its large flowers. In autumn, the leaves of the Sargent’s cherry are bright orange-red, and in winter, its light-streaked maroon trunk stands out from the white snow.

In addition to Sargent’s cherry, pin cherry trees also bloom in Kerava, which look like white clouds in their floral splendour. In late summer, the flowers develop into red, pea-sized fruits that taste bittersweet and acidic. In autumn, the leaves of the cloud cherry are bright red and orange and in winter the reddish-brown trunk stands out against the snowy ground.