Youth Council

Youth councils are politically unaffiliated groups of young people who operate in their own municipalities to bring young people’s voices to the discourse on issues and decision-making.

Purpose and activities

According to the Youth Act, young people must be given the opportunity to participate in matters concerning local and regional youth work and policy. In addition, young people must be heard on matters that concern them and in decision-making.

Youth councils represent local young people in municipal decision-making. The task of democratically elected youth councils is to make young people’s voices heard, voice their opinion on current issues and take initiatives and publish statements.

Another task of youth councils is to inform young people about the activities of municipal decision-makers and to help young people find ways to make a difference. They also promote dialogue between young people and decision-makers and involve young people in the shared decision-making process. Youth councils also organise various events and campaigns.

Official municipal body

Youth councils are part of the organisation of municipalities in many different ways. In Kerava, the Youth Council is part of the youth services and its composition is approved by the City Council. The Youth Council is an official body representing young people and must be given sufficient resources for its activities.

Kerava Youth Council

Members of Kerava Youth Council are young people aged 13-19 from Kerava. The Youth Council has 16 elected members. In the annual elections, eight young people are elected for two-year terms. Any young person aged 13 to 19 (has or will turn 13 in the election year) from Kerava can stand for election, and all young people aged 13 to 19 from Kerava have a vote.

Kerava Youth Council has the right to speak and be present in the city’s various committees and divisions, the City Council and the city’s working groups.

The aim of the Youth Council is to serve as a messenger between young people and decision-makers, empower young people, bring out young people’s opinions in decision-making and promote services for young people. The Youth Council has taken initiatives and issued statements and organises and participates in various events.

Kerava Youth Council cooperates with other youth councils in the region. In addition, youth councillors are members of the national Association of Finnish Youth Councils – NUVA ry and take part in their events.

Kerava youth councillors and meetings

Kerava youth councillors and meeting schedules can be found on the Finnish-speaking site.