City of Kerava youth services

Kaksi nuorta kohtaa hymyilevän nuoren naisen.

Goals and activities of Kerava youth services

  • The activities of the City of Kerava’s youth services are governed by the Youth Act (1285/2016), which seeks to

    • promote young people’s inclusion and opportunities to influence civil society as well as the ability and prerequisites to function as members of society
    • support young people’s growth, independence, sense of community and related learning and skills
    • support young people’s hobbies and activities in civil society
    • promote the equality and non-discrimination of young people and the realisation of rights, and
    • improve the growth and living conditions of young people.

    Youth work uses the following definitions

    • young people refers to people under the age of 29
    • youth work refers to supporting the growth, independence and inclusion of young people in society
    • youth policy refers to improving young people’s growing and living conditions and interaction between generations
    • youth activities refer to spontaneous activities by young people.

    Mission statement and values

    The mission of the City of Kerava’s youth work is to support the individual growth of children and young people by providing a safe and stimulating living environment. In youth work in Kerava, the opinions of children and young people are taken into account in decisions that concern them by listening to and involving young people in the planning of activities, in particular through the Youth Council.

    The core idea of youth work is to provide services together with young people using methods that involve young people. The values of the City of Kerava’s youth services are respect for the individual, fairness and equality.

    Methods and services of youth work in Kerava

    • youth centre activities
    • digital youth work
    • camp and excursion activities
    • targeted services and school and outreach youth work
    • Youth Council activities and
    • international activities.

    Youth centre activities offer young people a public, social and safe space for spending time together and playing games with the opportunity to talk with a professional youth worker. If necessary, the activities can also be carried out digitally. Forms of youth work also include outreach work, mobile youth centre activities and camps for children and young people during the holidays.

    In targeted youth work, the target group is young people in need of special support, for example through Ankkuri activities. Online youth work implements online services to promote youth employment and actively uses social media. The development of gaming activities for young people is done in cooperation with the National Centre of Expertise for Digital Youth Work (Verke).

    Youth unemployment is addressed through outreach youth work and the Ohjaamo programme. The aim is to direct young people aged 16–28 in Kerava to training or employment. Young people also receive assistance in applying for various support services.

    Vision of Kerava youth services

    The vision of Kerava youth services is

    • for children and young people to have confidence in themselves and their ability to influence the development of their living environment
    • be active and interested in participating
    • have the opportunity to spend meaningful free time in their hometown. Kerava’s sense of community is reflected in respect for other people, a fair atmosphere and taking responsibility for children and young people.

Reservations for the use of youth facilities and price list

Learn more about prices and reservations at the Finnish-speaking site.