City Strategy

The municipality’s operations are managed in accordance with the City Strategy, budget and financial plan approved by the Council, as well as other decisions of the Council.

The Council decides on the long-term objectives of the municipality’s operations and finances as part of the City Strategy. The objectives must take into account:

  • promoting the wellbeing of the municipality’s residents
  • organisation and provision of services
  • service targets specified in the legislation on the duties of municipalities
  • ownership policy
  • human resources policy
  • opportunities for residents to participate and influence decision-making
  • development of the living environment and the vitality of the local area.

The City Strategy must be based on an assessment of the municipality’s current situation and future changes in the operating environment as well as their impact on the execution of the municipality’s duties. The strategy must also define how the success of the implementation is evaluated and monitored. The strategy must be taken into account when preparing the municipality’s budget and financial plan. The strategy is reviewed at least once during the Council’s term of office.

The strategy’s three priorities

A city with healthy and happy residents is built on motivated employees and a balanced budget. During the 2021–2025 Council term, the City Strategy will be implemented with the help of three priorities: Kerava as a spearhead of new ideas, wellbeing of residents and green prosperity.


The updated strategy also addresses the city’s common values of humanity, inclusion and courage. The values are reflected in all the city’s operations and influence the content of the City Strategy, organisational culture, leadership and communication.

Both decision-makers and residents participated in drafting the strategy

As part of the update, the strategy was distilled to its essence and made more compact. The review of the strategy was transparent and interactive, and both decision-makers and residents were heard during the process.

City Councillors were able to redraft and comment on the strategy at Council seminars held in August and October 2021. The draft strategy was also presented at a residents’ evening held by the Mayor as well as at the Kerava Elderly Citizens Council, Council on Disability and Youth Council. Background material for the strategy review was collected through surveys.