Dog parks

Iso musta koira juoksee koirapuistossa

Kerava has four fenced dog parks where dogs can be unleashed and get to know other dogs. All dog parks have separate enclosures for small and large dogs.

To ensure a safe and comfortable stay for everyone, please take other dogs and owners at the park into consideration. At the dog park, each owner is responsible for their dog and its behaviour.

Dog parks in Kerava

  • Sompio, Vehkalantie
  • Kilta, Kankurinkatu
  • Ahjo, Ahjonkaarre
  • Kurkela, Kurkelankatu

Dog poop belongs in the bin, not in the streets or parks

The city has installed 20 dog waste bag dispensers in different parts of Kerava. You can take a waste bag from the dispenser while out on a walk with your dog if you have forgotten your bag at home. Each dog park also has a dog waste bag dispenser. After use, you can put the bag in any waste bin in the city.

Let the city know if you notice any problems or issues that need addressing at a dog park.