The city owns about 500 hectares of forest. Forests owned by the city are common recreation areas for all residents and can be used freely by observing everyman’s rights.

Do not take nearby forests for private use by expanding your yard area to the city’s property, for example with plantings, lawns and structures or by storing private property. Any sort of littering in the forests, such as dumping garden waste, is also prohibited.

Forest management

The goal of the management and planning of forests owned by the city is to preserve biodiversity, natural values and the cultural environment without forgetting recreational use.

Forests are the lungs of the city and contribute to health and wellbeing. In addition, forests protect residential areas from noise, wind and dust and serve as a refuge for wild animals. The nesting of animals and birds is protected during the spring and summer. During these times, only dangerous trees are removed.

Report a tree that is in poor condition or has fallen

If you see a tree that you suspect to be poor condition or that has fallen on a path, please report it using the electronic form. After receiving the report, the city will visit the site to inspect the tree. After the inspection, the city will make a decision on report, which will be sent to the notifier by email.