Rental homes

Through its subsidiaries, the city owns about 1,600 affordable rental homes and Kallenpirtti homes for veterans. In addition to the city, rental housing is provided by private landlords and non-profit housing organisations.

Apply for a city-owned rental home in Nikkarinkruunu or search and explore other available rental housing around Kerava.

Apply for a rental home in Nikkarinkruunu

The city’s tenant applications and housing advice are handled by Nikkarinkruunu. Nikkarinkruunu rental homes are situated in terraced houses, singly-family houses and apartments, and the homes are mainly intended for Kerava residents and people who work or are starting full-time work in Kerava.

Non-subsidised or subsidised ARA rental apartment?

The city owns both state-subsidised ARA rental homes and non-subsidised rental homes in different parts of Kerava. Anyone can apply for non-subsidised rental homes, but if you are applying for an ARA home, your assets cannot be above a certain limit.

The tenant selection of ARA homes intended for special groups, such as senior citizens, must follow the same selection criteria as other state-subsidised rental homes.

Other available rental homes in Kerava

You can also search for rental homes in a suitable size and price range, either from a non-profit housing provider or private landlords. More information about available homes and application forms can be found on the landlords’ websites.

  • Kojamo Oyj – Lumo

    Mannerheimintie 168a
    00300 Helsinki
    puh. 020 508 5000


    Asuntojen vuokraus
    Realia Asuntovuokraus Oy
    Sibeliuksenkatu 19 E, 2. krs
    04400 JÄRVENPÄÄ
    puh. 010 228 5555

    Avara vuokra-asunnot

    Asuntojen vuokraus
    puh. 010 228 4260


    Kivikonkaari 38
    00940 Helsinki
    puh. 045 7734 3777

    Apteekkien Eläkekassa

    Kalevankatu 13
    00100 Helsinki
    puh. 09 612 6270 (Kurkelankatu 5)

    Kiinteistö Oy M2-Kodit

    Siltasaarenkatu 18-20 B, 2. krs
    00530 Helsinki
    puh. 09 7742 5500


    puh. 09 4717 2056 ja 09 4717 6049


    Ara­bian­ka­tu 12
    00560 Hel­sin­ki
    puh. 0207 207 100

If you want to rent out a house or apartment you own, contact real estate agencies and ask about rental agency services. The housing services of the City of Kerava cannot accept privately owned homes for rent.

In matters related to living in a rental home, please always contact your landlord or the housing company’s property management first.