Claiming compensation for damages suffered in street areas

If the city has neglected its maintenance duties, it is required to compensate for damage that occur in public areas, such as the costs of slipping or falling.

The city is also liable if it has caused injuries or damage to persons or property through its actions, such as knocking down or damaging a fence in connection with snow ploughing.

Each claim is processed separately. When processing a claim for damages, the following are checked:

  • location of the incident
  • time and date
  • circumstances
  • weather.

If necessary, additional information is requested from the claimant. A statement from the insurance company is always needed in claims related to pain and suffering and permanent disability. The claim decision is sent to the applicant in writing.

The city compensates for material damage either financially or by repairing damaged structures. The city cannot pay damages without proof of expenses and will not pay in advance for any expenses that may be incurred. Losses and damage must always be reported immediately.