Street maintenance

Katua asfaltoidaan.

he purpose of street maintenance and cleaning is to keep streets and pedestrian and bicycle lanes tidy, free of health hazards and in a condition required by vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

Street maintenance includes dust prevention and planing of gravel roads in the spring and summer, mechanical brushing and washing of streets, gutting of open ditches and maintenance of culverts, and maintenance of traffic signs. In Kerava, street maintenance is carried out by the city. Asphalting and repairs of pavements and railings are outsourced.

Street maintenance during the winter includes snow ploughing, slip prevention, snow removal and the removal of gritting sand. Winter maintenance is divided into contract areas, some of which are handled by the city and others entirely by selected contractors.

Streets are maintained in the order prescribed by law according to their maintenance classification, and the level of maintenance is not necessarily even. Higher quality and the most urgent maintenance are needed in locations that are most critical for traffic.

Street maintenance during the summer is handled by the city or by selected contractors. Responsibility for winter maintenance is shared between the city and the owners or tenants of properties along the street.